Jochen Stay, Germany

Categories: Lifetime Achievement and Special Recognition – 2017

Jochen Stay has been fighting against uranium dangers for over 30 years with his “x-tausendfach quer” campaign. X-tausendfach quer was and is the name of the most long-lasting seat-blockade campaign of the anti-nuclear movement. “.ausgestrahlt” – another Stay foundation that has been in existence since 2008 – is now used by hundreds of thousands who want to find out where, who, how to protest against nuclear energy. The “Special Recognition” received for its commitment.

The Dedicated of Switzerland’s Anti-Nuke Movement, Switzerland

Categories: Lifetime Achievement and Special Recognition – 2017

The term ” The Dedicated of Switzerland’s Anti-Nuke Movement” unites all the tireless people who have been fighting against nuclear power for decades: 15 initiatives from three language regions (representative: Marcos Buser, Dani Costantino, Michel Fernex, Mira Frauenfelder, Iris Frei, Stefan Füglister, Eva Geel, Niculin Gianotti, Heini Glauser, Jürg Joss, Roland Meyer, Ursula Nakamura, Stefan Ograbek, Georg Pankow, Heidi Portmann, Anne-Cécile Reimann, Philippe de Rougemont, Leo Scherer, Egon Schneebeli, Peter Scholer, Martin Walter, Walter Wildi; posthumously Jürg Aerni and Chaim Nissim). They received the “Special Recognition” for their decades of commitment.

Hiromichi Umebayashi, Japan

Category Solution – 2017

The physicist Dr. Hiromichi Umebayashi is working tirelessly on the vision: No nuclear missiles on the soil of Japan, North and South Korea; Russia, China and the USA should guarantee not to use nuclear weapons against these three states. Behind the stage he is constantly active. With diplomats and politicians and of course with the Mayors for Peace.

Janine Allis-Smith and Martin Grant Forwood, Great Britain

Category Education – 2017

Much of what we now know about the Sellafield reprocessing plant in the North West of England is thanks to the two-person team CORE. Behind the acronym for Cumbrian’s Opposed to a Radioactive Environment are Martin Forwood and Janine Allis-Smith. Since the mid-eighties, the couple have been uncovering and clearing up. Their son, like many of the region’s children, was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Almoustapha Alcahen, Niger

Category Resistance – 2017

In 1978, Almoustapha Alhacen was employed by the Areva nuclear company as a worker in a uranium mill near Arlit. Because there were strange illnesses among colleagues and their wives and mysterious deaths of relatively young people, Alhacen founded a local NGO called Aghirin`man in 2002, in Tuareg language “Protection of the Soul”, dedicated to research into uranium dangers.