Susi Snyder and ICAN

Categories: Lifetime Achievement and Special Recognition – 2016

As a member of ICAN, the Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, Susi Snyder organizes the campaign “Don’t Bank on the Bomb”, loosely translated: “Stop financing nuclear weapons manufacturers”. The idea is as simple as it is brilliant: From now on, anyone who is in favour of total nuclear disarmament will no longer do business with banks that make nuclear deals. No accounts, no loans, nothing.

Alfred Manyanyata Sepepe, South Africa

Categories: Lifetime Achievement and Special Recognition – 2016

Alfred Sepepe became the beacon of hope for all those who have suffered health problems as a result of South Africa’s nuclear industry. Together with the NGO “Earthlife Africa Johannesburg” he persuaded many of the 500 ex-pelindaba workers with suspicious symptoms to have themselves examined. He formulated requests, repeatedly alarmed the public and resisted attempts at bribery. For this he received a “special recognition”.

Samson Tsegaye Lemma, Ethiopia

Category Solution – 2016

Samson Tsegaye Lemma, as head of the Solar Center in Addis Ababa, has trained 65 solar technicians, built two solar training centers in Ethiopia, solar-electrified four villages, solar-lit 157 schools, provided guidance to 300 individuals and initiatives, and distributed over 30,000 solar light products. A ray of hope for all of Ethiopia.

Brunot Chareyron, France

Category Education – 2016

In 1993, at the age of 28, physicist Bruno Chareyron became head of the CRIIRAD scientific laboratory, which was founded in 1986 to obtain reliable data after the Chernobyl accident. Since then, Chareyron has travelled the world with his laboratory: around the uranium mines in Niger, in Chernobyl, but also in the uranium mines of France. And always in the service of the Enlightenment.

Arif Ali Cangi, Turkey

Category Resistance – 2016

“Attorney for Life and Justice” is not a registered profession. And yet it would be the appropriate job title for Arif Ali Cangi, who has been a board member of a lawyers’ association dealing with human rights issues, protection against torture and the rights of women, children and prisoners since 1995. He is committed to combating the illegal storage of nuclear waste and the construction of the Akkuyu nuclear power station.