Heinz Stockinger, Austria

Categories: Lifetime Achievement and Special Recognition – 2011

After the shutdown of Zwentendorf, Heinz Stockinger founded the “Non-party Salzburg Platform against the Wackersdorf Reprocessing Plant”, which – after the shutdown of the WAA – became the “Platform against Nuclear Dangers”. For 20 years, the driving force behind this platform has been fighting against the EURATOM Treaty. He called for a Siemens boycott and traveled around the country to make the coalition of nuclear-free countries known. He received the NFFA for his life’s work.

Hans Grassmann, Germany

Category Solution – 2011

Hans Grassmann examined the social, cultural and ecological benefits of physics with his books: “Das Top Quark, Picasso und Mercedes Benz” (1997), “Alles Quark. Ein Physikbuch” (1999), most recently “Ahnung von der Materie. Physik für alle” (2008). At the University of Udine, he and his students developed a mirror system for heat generation: the linear mirror.

Barbara Dickmann and Angelica Fell, Germany

Category Education – 2011

The ZDF journalists Barbara Dickmann and Angelica Fell prevented with their film “and nobody knows why” that the “cancer cluster” around the nuclear power plant Krümmel was trivialized.  They stuck to the topic, accompanying, among other things, a nationwide children’s cancer study, which confirmed that the risk of contracting leukaemia before the 5th birthday is higher in the vicinity of nuclear power plants.

Nadezhda Kutepova and Natalia Manzurova, Russia

Category Resistance – 2011

Nadezhda Kutepova co-founded the self-help organization Planeta Nadezhd in 1999. The main goal: to inform people in the “closed city” of Mayak about radiation doses and dangers as a result of the nuclear accident in 1957 and about their rights. Her comrade-in-arms, radiologist Natalia Manzurova, suffers from thyroid cancer. As a result of her liquidator mission in Chernobyl.