Freda Meissner-Blau, Austria

Categories: Lifetime Achievement and Special Recognition – 2007

Distrust against the nuclear industry has been growing in Freda Meissner-Blau since the 1950’s and culminated in the resistance against the Zwentendorf nuclear power plant in 1978, although for her the fight against the nuclear industry is part of a fundamental change. At the World Uranium Hearing in 1992, Freda Meissner-Blau was among those who held people from all over the world together and filled them with courage. She received the NFFA for her life’s work.

Armin Weiß, Germany

Categories: Lifetime Achievement and Special Recognition – 2007

The anti-nuclear movement would have remained helpless if there had not been experts like Prof. Dr. Dr. Armin Weiß. In the highly charged debates about the reprocessing plant Wackersdorf, the chemist pointed out that during normal operation, half a percent of the radioactivity is released into the environment via exhaust stacks during the reprocessing of fuel elements. His expertise helped to prevent Wackersdorf. He received the NFFA for his life’s work.

Tadatoshi Akiba / Mayors for Peace, Hiroshima, Japan

Category Solution – 2007

Mayors for Peace was founded in 1982 on the initiative of the then Mayor of Hiroshima, Takeshi Araki. Since then, the city organization has been fighting against nuclear weapons with appeals, declarations, signature lists, pictures, exhibitions and scientific analyses, showing the nuclear powers that even the threat of the bomb is a crime.

Siegwart-Horst Günther, Germany

Category Education – 2007

In 1991, Professor Siegwart Horst Günther came across an unusually large number of deformed babies in Iraq and clinical pictures such as he had never seen before in this region: Günther suspected that tanks shot down with uranium ammunition were the main cause. He had a projectile picked up in the desert sand spectrographically examined in Berlin in 1992, which confirmed his suspicion.

Charmaine Whiteface and Defenders of the Black Hills, Lakota Nation, USA

Category Resistance – 2007

In 2002, Charmaine White Face, an Oglala woman from the Pine Ridge reserve, founded the “Defenders of the Black Hills” organization with like-minded people. The extraction of uranium has led to a major radioactive contamination in the south and west of the mountains. To this day, the former boreholes, sinkholes and flood basins are waiting for remediation and provide increased radioactive contamination.