Mathilde Halla, Austria

Categories: Lifetime Achievement and Special Recognition – 2005

Already in 1973 Mathilde Halla joined the citizens’ initiative against nuclear threat. Today the first monument to outdated energy production stands in Zwentendorf. The narrow victory of the opponents of nuclear power in the Austrian referendum of 1978 has a lot to do with Mathilde Halla’s commitment. And the opposition to nuclear power in the Czech Republic and Slovakia bears her signature not least. She received the NFFA for her life’s work.

Preben Maegaard, Denmark

Category Solution – 2005

Preben Maegaard set out on the path of renewable energies back in the 1970s. In 1983 he founded the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energies, a non-profit institute for research and testing of renewable energy sources. Denmark is predestined for windmills thanks to its steady wind. Since 1992, 100% of the electricity consumption in Maegaard’s home region has been covered by renewables.

Motarilavoa Hilda Lini, Vanuatu

Category Resistance – 2005

Hilda Lini, sister of Vanuatu’s Prime Minister Father Walter Lini and politically crossed with him for a few years, was a freedom fighter against the colonial powers and pioneer for women’s rights during her student days. After her university career, she became the first minister of the island nation and in the South Pacific and an anchor woman for all those who want a nuclear-free future.