City Montesori School Lakhnau, India

Categories: Lifetime Achievement and Special Recognition – 2004

Peace education plays a key role in the curriculum of the Montesori School Lakhnau. The school’s efforts for total and worldwide disengagement from nuclear technology – both civilian and military – have brought it much attention. And the list of personalities and institutions that have responded to its curriculum is now impressively long. The NFFF honors this with a special recognition.

Hildegard Breiner, Austria

Categories: Lifetime Achievement and Special Recognition – 2004

Hildegard Breiner, today the Grande Dame of the environmental and anti-nuclear movement in Vorarlberg/Austria, earned her spurs as an activist over a quarter of a century ago – in the fight against Zwentendorf. To this day no nuclear power is produced in Austria because in 1978 the opponents of nuclear power won a referendum very narrowly over the government and the nuclear lobby. The Zwentendorf nuclear power plant was not allowed to be built any further. He received the honorary prize for his life’s work.

Jonathan Schell, USA

Category Solution – 2004

Worldmovers were often people who thought the unthinkable – and then did not leave it at that. The New York journalist Jonathan Schell has been writing since the late 1960s against war and nuclear armament and consistently calls for “abolition”. Abolition of all nuclear weapons, worldwide! The USA, as the place with the greatest potential for destruction, must make a start, says Schell.

Asaf Durakociv, Canada

Category Education – 2004

At the end of the 1990s, the radiologist and expert on radiation damage founded the Uranium Medical Research Center (UMCR) in Canada after he discovered depleted uranium and even plutonium in US soldiers suffering from the then mysterious “Gulf War Syndrome” – and was advised to conduct research in other directions. Since 2002, the UMCR has maintained two research teams in Afghanistan, among others.

Jharkandis Organization against Radiation (JOAR), India

Category Resistance – 2004

For decades, the Uranium Corporation of India Ltd has been mining uranium in Singhbhum District, Bihar State, and has been trying to expropriate and expel indigenous settlers, the “Adivasis” (first settlers). The JOAR, headed by Ghanshyam Birulee, opposes this. JOAR activists have been overwhelmed with lawsuits. Nolens volens they became experts in Indian litigation law.